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New Position at Texas A&M

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My introductory post as an Aggie Webmaster is now on the official blog!

September 1st will be my first day in a new position at Texas A&M University in the Division of Marketing and Communications. For the past year I have been a member of the Division of Research and Graduate Studies— Systems Group (RGS) web development team; say that three times fast. I learned of an opening through a colleague, Ben, and could not pass up the opportunity to apply. I’ll be working with some great people and in an influential role on the University’s web presence.

Reflecting on the past year and three months I feel that I made a positive impact on the web development group at RGS and also managed to grow as a developer and a community member in the process. One of my more notable contributions to the University came in October of 2008 when I implemented the Academic Master Plan white paper submission application. The development cycle was blazing fast and I worked like an employee at a startup for six days straight on that project. I believe that my hard work and dedication has paid off. I am leaving behind a project that I have grown particularly fond of, but I am confident that it is in good hands and that my original vision will come to fruition; someday.

I don’t know exactly what my new position has in store for me but I am hopeful that it will push me into new areas and allow me to add to my skill set. One particular area of interest is the mobile development market. At the University we are in a position that a powerful presence on the mobile web will have a tremendous impact. Measures have already been taken but there is a significant amount of ground work that must be done before we are known as pioneers in the mobile education market. In the coming years I hope I can push us in that direction.

I am looking forward to working more closely with Chris Weldon and thankful for the new toys, err tools, I will have at my disposal. Wish me luck!