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Why I Failed at Blogging

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As I mentioned in my wrap-up of the Day Camp for Developers conference, one of the major action items I gave myself based on the sessions was to blog more. To do that, I think it’s important that I explore why my previous attempts at having a consistent and useful blog failed.

This topic could easily turn into a multiple chapter dissertation if I let it, but I’ll spare you this time. In this series of posts entitled Why I failed at blogging, I’ll explore the influencing factors that led my demise. Hopefully they will help you avoid failure.

The articles in this series are:

  1. Why I failed at blogging (this post)
  2. Why I failed at blogging: if you write it, they won’t come
  3. Why I failed at blogging: time
  4. Why I failed at blogging: topics and content doubt
  5. Why I failed at blogging: a perfectionist sucks as an editor; and,
  6. Why I failed at blogging: writing style

That’s it. Just those six small, self-imposed constraints kept me from maintaining a successful blog. In retrospect they are laughable and merely excuses.