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Why I Failed at Blogging: A Perfectionist Sucks as an Editor

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This is part 5 of a series. Read part 4 or read part 1.

Ask any author what the most tedious part of the writing process is, and you’ll most likely hear that it is editing. After I finish writing something the absolute last thing I want to do is go back and pick it apart, but it is necessary.

However, there is a fine line between constructively editing and the destructive attempt to make it perfect. I read a job advertisement recently — no, I am not currently searching, I just came across it somewhere — that said the employer is looking for someone that recognizes there is a difference between perfect and good enough to ship. That resonated with me since it is always possible to find a better way to do or say something, but you will end up endlessly improving something if you are not careful.

What makes a blog post good enough? I draw the line at clear and concise. If the message is not muddled in the back story or examples then publish that bad boy. There is no sense in sitting on the information. But, and it’s a big but, this doesn’t mean you should publish posts that are inaccurate.

Don’t get caught in the trap of erring on the side of lazy. Do your homework. Get the facts straight. Then publish. Don’t fret for hours over whether you should combine two sentences; it’s the Internet.

Over time your writing will improve and it will be easier and easier to get it right the first time. Until then, just make it good enough.