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Why I Failed at Blogging: Writing Style

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This is part 6 of a series. Read part 5 or read part 1.

When I think about authors that I love and hate, it usually comes down to his or her writing style. For example, I cannot stand essays, books, articles, etc. that are composed of many short, choppy sentences. I always feel like I’m reading a See Spot Run™ story. Because of this, I have adopted a more verbose style.

Being verbose has serious drawbacks. A vast majority of the time I end up having to cut sentences and even paragraphs because I’ve gone off on some tangent and made my simple blog post a 3,000-word essay. That reminds me of a time…just kidding, no tangent to see here; move along.
This impacted my blogging because I ended up deleting a lot of posts I started that ended up much longer than anyone would be likely to read. I don’t mean to say that every post must be short. Rather, a post should only cover enough material to convey the intended message, and it should do so as concisely as possible. There’s that word again: concise.

The way I plan to get over this real hurdle is to plan my posts better. With pre-writing exercises I can keep myself on topic and avoid adding what ends up being filler content. After all, I want this to be a blog of quality rather than a blog of quantity. Actually I’d like both.

This concludes the Why I failed at blogging series. I hope I helped you get over your hurdles, whether real or imagined. Let me know what hurdles you have to overcome.