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Making Development Fun by Feeling the Breeze

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Some recent conversations led me to question what has changed from the first time I sat down with an empty text file and created something using PHP totoday where I spend countless hours obsessing over best practices, object-oriented solutions, so on and so forth.

I found the answer on Twitter of all places. Ed Finkler(@funkatron) touched on the idea when he tweeted, “Thinking about how to “reboot” PHP package management using existing tools in a non-framework/app-centric way. Make PHP hacking fun again.”

That is the answer. The fun of not knowing the solution, or even of creating a solution without the context of years of experience. It’s gone. Or is it?

Several years ago I went from rolling my own MVC architecture to falling in love with the implementation found within the Zend Framework. (Regardless of your opinion of the ZF, there is some library that you find yourself using practically everywhere, so just replace ZF with that library’s name.) As a result, I find myself thinking of solutions in the “Zend Framework way,” which, for better or worse, makes me somewhat more efficient in ZF-based apps, but limits my fun, my programming creativity, and turns me into just another hammer looking for a nail.

To spice things up, I’m going to explore some other solutions. As I’ve seen the name popping up in various locations, I thought I’d start out with the Breeze micro-framework. After a glance over the code on github, it seems that the framework is fairly flexible in terms of organization and implementation, so it should allow me the freedom to create my own solutions to problems that I’ve come to rely on the magic within the Zend Framework to solve.

I challenge you to step outside your normal routine and make your development fun again.