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Speaking at LoneStarPHP

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The official schedule isn’t up yet, but I will be presenting “Micro Framework and JavaScript Applications” at LoneStarPHP 2012 in June 2012.

The talk is focused around the idea of using MicroPHP to create an application that has a main view layer written in JavaScript. For implementation specifics, I will focus on using the Slim PHP Microframework with a Backbone.js frontend. I hope to see you there!

For what it’s worth, I looked at the rest of the speaker announcements on Twitter, and it’s a kick ass lineup. You won’t want to miss this conference.

I had to miss LoneStarPHP last year due to other commitments, but I hear it was a great success. And this year it’s expanded from one day to two days. If you’re in the area, come. Just do it. It’s a good investment. The PHP community rocks.