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Testing Strategies for Legacy PHP Applications at ThatConference

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Last week I was lucky to be able to attend and speak at ThatConference. The conference itself did not feel like a first ever production despite being the first time the organizers put it on. Overall I had an absolute blast learning from and interacting with the attendees, speakers, and organizers, and was honored to present a session on how to approach testing legacy applications.

Before I get into my thoughts on the presentation, I wanted to make a quick comment on the makeup of the conference itself. This was my first time speaking at a conference that wasn’t focused on the technology stack I use on a daily basis. Basically, ThatConference was not a PHP, JavaScript, or web technology conference, it was a summer camp for people that hack on things or just have good advice for geeks. I would say that the majority of my interactions were with developers in the .NET space–and there were a few people that gave me a condescending glance when they figured out I use PHP–but, for the most part, the judgement was low and we all found a benefit from our conversations.

My session, while specifically addressing tools for PHP, was geared toward how to approach a message codebase without sacrificing sanity of having and introducing tests. I had some good questions that I will incorporate into this presentation if I ever give it again, and a few conversations afterward that encouraged me that the PHP community is starting to accept testing as a so-called first-class citizen.

My presentation is available on SpeakerDeck. If you were there and have further questions, I look forward to hearing from you. If you’re reading the slides for the first time and have questions, I’ll be glad to answer anything I can.

I had a blast at ThatConference 2012 and look forward to heading back to the MidWest next year for ThatConference 2013. If you are a fan of bacon, you might want to check it out. There was a bacon bar. No, really.