Jeff Carouth

Web and mobile developer. Agile apprentice.


I am, of course, involved in many projects through work. But this page isn’t about that. This page is about what I do outside of my job.

The Loosely Coupled Podcast

In 2013 after arriving safely home on a redeye flight from San Francisco I had the bright idea to start a podcast. I had always wanted to host one but I never got the motivation. Apparently all it took was a little too much caffeine and a 4 hour flight.

I started it with Episode 0: Career-long Learning and then promptly stopped recording. I hear this is the fate of many podcasts, but mine was because I got quickly discouraged with the launch of a second podcost covering material I hoped to cover. I felt behind. So I decided to wait.

A few months later I was having a conversation with Matt Frost on Twitter and we agreed to talk about a podcast at MidwestPHP 2014. It might not be 100% accurate, but I like to think that the Loosely Coupled podcast was born in the lobby of the hotel that year. We sat around with some other people talking about development just like we’ve done on every episode of the podcast since then.

If you aren’t listening to the podcast already a) you should be, b) why not? head on over to and don’t forget to subscribe.

Dev Book Club

A while back some friends and I had a group locally where we’d read through a book and discuss it regularly. What a novel idea. That group died down. I thought to myself how dumb it was that I had to resort to reading a book alone and asking one-off questions in IRC or on Twitter hoping that someone else could give me the context I needed to understand and apply what I was reading.

It just so happened that I was talking with a friend Steve Rhoades at ZendCon 2013 about the book Implementing Domain Driven Design and that was the beginnings of the Dev Book Club.

The Dev Book Club was founded in January 2014. The goal is to make a safe space for developers around the world to regularly meet and cover technical books of various levels. One day it won’t be just a thing I organize, it will be a place where many people can run many groups covering different books. The goal is to keep the groups small enough that everyone is able to contribute to the discussion.

Head over to to see previous and current discussions. Follow the twitter account @_devbookclub for updates and scheduling information.