Jeff Carouth

Web and mobile developer. Agile apprentice.

About Me

Howdy! My name is Jeff Carouth. In many places available on the Internet I use the ever-so-creative nick jcarouth. I am a web and mobile developer based in College Station, Texas, USA. I have worked as a developer, project manager, full stack developer, backend developer, and platform engineer.

I am a member of the engineer team at Liftopia, Inc. where you can find awesome deals on ski lift tickets and some related packages. My specific role at Liftopia is on the platform and architecture side as Lead Platform Engineer. That means I am responsible for

  • advocating changes to the current codebase to improve developer experience and changeability
  • introducing infrastructure and development practices for testing new code
  • working on developing and improving the agile workflow across disciplines
  • designing and implementing an API platform for an SOA environment

I frequently speak at conferences, user groups, and pretty much anywhere else people will hold a conversation with me. Information on my past talks can be found on either my talks page or on

In addition to this blog I have contributed several articles to php|architect on testing, continuous integration, and mobile websites.

If you want to get in touch with me, I hold office hours on Twitter most of the day. Say hello @jcarouth. Additionally I am routinely available in IRC on Freenode in #phpc and #phpmentoring.

Speaking of mentoring, I am a small part of the PHP Mentoring movement–I guess you could call it a movement. I am an apprentice with the comedian, testing slave driver, and all-around good guy Chris Hartjes working on my understanding and implementation of testing in PHP. I highly encourage you to check out the PHP Mentoring site and find a mentor to help you grow as a developer.

I am available for outside mentorship on CodeMentor covering topics like PHP development, Continuous Delivery, Testing, Ruby, Rails, architecture, and more.