Jeff Carouth

Web and mobile developer. Agile apprentice.

About Jeff Carouth

Howdy! My name is Jeff Carouth. In many places available on the Internet I use the ever-so-creative nick jcarouth. I am a web and mobile developer based in College Station, Texas, USA. I have worked as a developer, project manager, full stack developer, backend developer, and platform engineer.

I am employed as Lead Platform Engineer at Liftopia where I work on the team building the next-generation API-based platform. I lead a small team of software engineers working primarily in Ruby and PHP.

I frequently speak at conferences, user groups, and pretty much anywhere else people will hold a conversation with me. Information on my past talks can be found on

In addition to this blog I have contributed several articles to php|architect on testing, continuous integration, and mobile websites.

If you want to get in touch with me, I hold office hours on Twitter most of the day. Say hello @jcarouth. Additionally I am routinely available in IRC on Freenode in #phpc and #phpmentoring.

Speaking of mentoring, I am a small part of the PHP Mentoring movement–I guess you could call it a movement. I am a graduated apprentice of Chris Hartjes who was gracious enough to work with me as I improved my understanding and implementation of testing in PHP. I have mentored several members of the community on various subjects including OOP, speaking, technical leadership, among others. I highly encourage you to check out the PHP Mentoring site and find a mentor to help you grow as a developer.

I am available for outside mentorship on CodeMentor covering topics like PHP development, Continuous Delivery, Testing, Ruby, Rails, architecture, and more.

Finally, as listed on my projects page, I am a co-host of the Loosely Coupled podcast with my good friend Matt Frost and I founded and organize the Dev Book Club. I encourage you to check both of these out, especially if anything on this blog was relevant to you.

If I left anything out, sorry.