Fathom Analytics Goals on non-Production Environments

I switched to Fathom Analytics from Google Analytics and needed a way to test goals in non-production environments. With a simple override I can do just that.

Flexible Carousel with AlpineJS

I ran across a nice implementation of a carousel primarily with CSS and augmented forward/backward buttons with JavaScript. I wanted to see if I could replicate it using TailwindCSS and AlpineJS. Turns out, I can. Here's how.

Custom Mailchimp Subscription Form using Netlify Functions

Do you want to connect your Netlify-hosted site to Mailchimp subscription forms without using the embedded forms? Read how you can do it with Netlify Functions and AlpineJS.

Simple AlpineJS Component for Multiple Checkbox Selections

If you need to collect selections through a simple checkbox UI without much hassle, AlpineJS can handle serializing arrays to a comma-separated list in forms. Here's how to do it.

Windows 10 Development Environment: Setting up Git

I haven't really used Windows since 2008 or so but I recently built a new PC and wanted to see what it would be like to work on Windows. This article covers how I set up git natively in PowerShell.

Adding Reciriculation Helper to Jigsaw Blog

In the process of transitioning my blog from Jekyll to Jigsaw I worked on a re-design. One feature I wanted was the ability to recommend relevant and fresh content to readers. To accomplish this I created a helper to pull posts into a recirculation modules. This is how I did it.